Tom Patire

Top Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Personal Safety Instructor,
TV Personality & America's Leading Personal Safety Expert

Tom Patire is America's foremost expert on personal safety for all ages. Dubbed America's Leading Personal Safety Expert by multi-facets of the media Tom took on the mission of making our country safer for all people.  As a concerned person Tom has dedicated his life to educating and empowering people of all walks of life about personal safety, personal well-being, and personal protection. Through his comprehensive lecture series, motivational speaking, best-selling books, and customized in person courses Tom has become, and remains, the leader when it comes to personalized safety for everyday people and workplace violence prevention for Corporate America. His courses are based on confrontational avoidance techniques, situational awareness cues and proven self-escape methods. Tom has empowered tens of thousands of ordinary people of all ages throughout the world with his life saving, easy to learn and remember, Tom’s Tips ® and Tom’s Techniques ®.

As an elite bodyguard to the world's VIPs as well as a fellow concerned parent, Tom places great emphasis on keeping safe those around us, be they our families, children, senior citizens, or a company’s most valued asset – their employees. As a result, Tom has spoken at length and authored many materials promoting personalized safety, travel safety, home safety, work safety, internet safety as well as general public safety tips that help you burglarproof your behavior, increase your awareness and strengthen your safety sense.   Tom has been the go-to-guy for many major media outlets for the past 25 years, and he remains the face of personalize safety throughout the country and beyond.

Listed in FORBES MAGAZINE as the self-defense Guru for

Chauffeurs, security personnel and the wealthy tycoons.

Inducted into the most prestigious Hall of

Fame in the world For Martial Artists.