MARTIAL OPS ® – America’s Personal Defense System

Tom Patire Instructing at Martial Ops Seminar at one of his main sold out events!

Martial Ops is a system that was first designed for ‘special operation’ groups of the United States Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies, Contracted Security and Private Protectors! It is a reality-based self-defense system that focuses on how to diffuse a high-level threat when your life or another’s is at risk. The system direct, applicable and time based due to situation on-hand.

Martial Ops focuses on how to neutralize an attack on one’s life using proven, field tested hand-to-hand, personalized protection tactics when that legal window is open and there is no other choice. Martial Ops was developed by a fellow patriot Tom Patire for the protection of oneself, one’s family and one’s country. The name Martial Ops was designed around the word Martial to represent the best type  of reality based personal protection techniques defense ever design against high level attacks that have the simplest, most direct, and easy to retain movements that work in real world conditions.

The word Ops represents the mindset, mental conditioning and thorough preparation needed before you engage any hostile adversary whose intent is to take your life or that of someone that you care about!

Martial Ops curriculum is customized to the need and wants of the organization contracted. We do not list our curriculum or techniques for public view so if you want more information please call 1-888-238-7287 or email

Another sold out seminar featuring Tom and Martial Ops®!