America’s Leading ‘Liability Conscious’ De-Escalation System


CDT is a de-escalation liability-based system that was originated in 1992 that has become the premier system for diffusion, control and restraint in the country.

CDT - Crisis De-Escalation Training for all personnel and employees that have a need for de-escalation techniques whether that be Municipal, State or Federal Law Enforcement, Private Security, Hospital Personnel as well as Organizations of all types.

CDT has a specific certification courses that are customized in accordance with the organization that requires the training. CDT training covers different aspects verbal de-escalation, readability, situational awareness, confrontational avoidance, and passive ‘soft-handed’ guiding/separation/restraint techniques that center on calming a situation not amplifying it.

CDT focuses on all aspects on personal/patient wellbeing, subject/staff safety and full circle liability for all involved.

NOTE: CDT follows strict guidelines when it comes to controlling type force. No vascular holds, choke-outs of strikes of any kind are used. CDT is specifically made for de-escalation, safe control, and passive restraint. All courses are customized to the use of force policy of the agency, department and/or organization. For more information on what exactly is covered in our course curriculum please call 1-888-238-7287 or mail


Mr. Tom Patire has been a lead instructor at various federal law enforcement seminars that we have participated. His CDT program is simple, very effective and focuses on key elements of officer and subject safety as well as the liability of the agent and organization. I would highly recommend Mr. Tom Patire as an instructor to your organization for de-escalation and control tactics.

Nicholas J. Zubulake – Special Agent/Tactics Instructor FBI

In 1997, I read an article titled "What is every Security Director's biggest fear? The lawsuit." CDT is the remedy for the concerned executive about how to manage an unruly or violent individual(s). Implicit in the training model is the expectation that the security or law  enforcement officer is being recorded; with the advent of body cams (cameras), the complete video/audio of a violent person most often is exculpatory and clears the officer, if he/she is trained. Knowledge of what to do, as well as what to say, is a skill Tom Patire has honed into an easy to learn system (CDT), regardless of the health or skill set of the individual taking the training. It’s a must for all  organizations, public or private.

Alan J. Robinson - Risk and Threat Assessment, LLC