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Tom Patire's TeenSafe  
Initially out of concern for his nieces’ safety while away at school, Tom Patire put his expertise to use designing and implementing a safety course just for teens. As teens mature, their desire to participate in different events, without the watchful eyes of parents or guardians, increases. Independence is part of life and that is why Tom designed a personal protection course – specifically for teenagers. This specialized program focuses on a broad spectrum of personal safety issues reinforced with basic self-escape maneuvers designed for teens. All of the maneuvers follow Tom’s trademarked philosophy of STUN AND RUN®. The maneuvers are easy to learn, retain and apply, and will stay with you for a lifetime.

This particular course has a separate curriculum for girls and boys based on statistical facts that target each gender. The key factor taught in the TEENSAFE™ Program is how to get away as quickly as possible to the closest safe zone. Scenario-based training combined with easy-to-apply leverage-based techniques makes this course a must for ALL teenagers. Think of the added confidence your teen will have, especially if they are going away to camp, traveling about, attending college or just being out and about!

Just some of the topics and techniques covered 
in the TEENSAFE™  Program:

  • Alert, Energized and Confident
  • How To Keep Yourself in Spotlight
  • Sizing Up A Situation
  • What To Say and What Not To Say
  • Self-Escape Techniques
  • Getting To A Safe Zone

I enrolled my teenage girls into Tom Patire’s TEENSAFE course to give all of us a sense of confidence in this unpredictable world.  My girls loved the training. It was easy to learn and apply, and Tom taught it in an atmosphere that made all who attended feel comfortable about what sometimes could be an uncomfortable subject."

- Donna F., Single Mother

"My two daughters took the course held at their high school. When they came home they showed me what they learned. I was amazed how much they retained and how well it worked. Even my husband, an ex-Marine, was impressed. If you have kids and you want to show them you care, enroll them in Tom Patire’s TEEN-SAFE! "

- Maria Clestine, Mother

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