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Finally, a course just for seniors! Tom Patire designed this interactive, stimulating program based on safety concerns regarding senior citizens. Proactive, life-saving skills that focus on scanning your surroundings, sound recognition and burglar-proofing your behavior are taught in a non-fear-based, empowering 1-hour seminar. Each course is tailor-made for the people in attendance, and will give easy-to-learn, life-saving tips and techniques that will increase personal awareness, and stay with them for a lifetime!

Just some of the topics and techniques covered in the SENIORSAFE Program:
  • Awareness Cues
  • How To Burglarproof Your Behavior
  • Reading Body Language
  • What To Say and What Not To Say
  • Getting To A Safe Zone

"Tom Patire's SENIORSAFE™ taught me that personal protection is more than being tough - it's about being smart!”

- Lee Ellen Ward, Grandmother

"It was a delight to see that a top bodyguard developed a safety course for seniors. I found the course to be very empowering and showed common-sense things that we should do, but usually overlook, to make us safer seniors!”
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