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SEE N FLEE- A Self-Escape Course For Kids
This hands-on, self-escape program was designed as a last resort method for kids to escape the grasp of a would be abductor. Design and tested with children ages 9 -12 to give them a fighting’ chance when the odds are against them. Specific techniques that work within a child’s strength and leverage that give them the ability to create a way to escape. This 90 minute course teaches kids what to do when they have no other choice but to fight back. They are taught to SEE were the opportunity lies to escape and how to FLEE to safety when they need to get away!


"Tom Patire’s KNOW & GO® child safety program provides parents, guardians, caregivers, educators, law enforcement and most importantly, the child, with a host of options to keep them safe. Tom Patire has successfully crossed over the line from a career in executive protection to child protection by providing the child with the same resources he used to train some of the world’s elite bodyguards. I have seen the KNOW & GO® skills set and they are not only easy to learn – they work!"

- Alan J. Robinson, Child Safety Expert & National Speaker on

“Measures to Prevent Your Child from Being Abducted, Kidnapped or Sexually Exploited"

"I must write to express our sincere thanks for bringing your extraordinary programs to our school system. Grabbing kids’ attention is not an easy thing to accomplish – but you achieved that and made learning fun. Thank you for helping our students take giant steps toward being safe and staying safe."

- Lisa Marie Fortunato, Fort Lee School #2 - PTA President
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