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SCHOOLSAFE™ is a course developed by Tom Patire for School Resource Officers, School Emergency Response Teams and/or other School Security Personnel. It is an interactive training program that focuses on what to do and what not to do if a physical altercation breaks out on school grounds.

The techniques for SCHOOLSAFE™ are based upon Tom Patire’s patented CDT System, which is a liability-based de-escalation system on control, escort, securing and separation. The techniques taught are based on leverage and clothing, and are easy to apply and retain. Plus, all techniques are taught in accordance to the age, gender and grade level, as well as a school’s guidelines and policies. 

Just some of the topics and techniques covered
in the SCHOOLSAFE™ Program:
  • Defining Personal Safe Zones
  • Reading Body Language/Defensive Posturing
  • Verbal Diffusion vs Verbal Persuasion
  • Separation Techniques
  • Control Escorts
  • Third-Party Entry®  Techniques

"On behalf of the Newmark School I would like to thank you, Tom Patire and staff, for the outstanding training we received on the basis of SCHOOLSAFE™. Your innovative approaches to security training in schools gave us the understanding and know-how to safely and effectively control and restrain a non-complaint student."

- Dr. Regina M. Peter, Principal/Director - The Newmark School

"The course is well thought out from both a legal perspective and a practical one. As a teacher, we wish that these problems would not exist inside school walls, but as seasoned educators we know that things like these happen weekly. SCHOOLSAFE™gives you, the teacher, a real education on the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ regarding a violent altercation."

- Sharon Lynn, N.J. High School Teacher
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