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Tom Patire's Know & Go

As a parent, Tom Patire realizes that the safety and welfare of a child is the number one concern of parents and guardians.  And that all children count on us to protect them!

Knowing that most children are not ‘safety conscious’ and will not know how to react in a potentially harmful situation, Tom Patire created a fun-filled NON-THREATENING safety program for kids.  Tom empowers children how to know and avoid the most common, harmful situations they may face between the ages of 5 - 12.  

This year, hundreds of thousands of children across the world will become victims of intentional or unintentional injuries, including a parent’s worst fear, child abduction.

KNOW & GO® was researched, developed, and tested as an important first step to ensuring your child’s safety.KNOW & GO is a specialized, interactive, action-packed safety course designed for children specifically between the ages of 5 and 12.

KNOW & GO® Ages 5 - 6
This course focuses on dangerous sounds that can relate to dangerous situations. Children are taught in a friendly, safe and fun environment to recognize specific sounds that can lead to unintentional or intentional dangerous situations. By using a ‘follow-the-leader’ teaching method, children are taught to recognize audible sounds and use proper safe movement to get out of harm’s way. This program is approximately 45 minutes in length so he kids stay focuses, get something out of it and enjoy themselves while doing it!

KNOW & GO® Ages 7 - 12
Child abduction is every parent’s worst nightmare and yet kids don’t really understand the concept of ‘friendly’ strangers vs. ‘friendly’ people. This level of  KNOW & GO is designed to teach children, ages 7-12, all about different ’lures’ and ‘scenarios’ that abductors use to con or coerce kids. The course is empowering, inter-active and uses a high-energy circuit training format that focuses strictly on teaching children how to be more aware of who is around them  and what  to do if.... This course is approximately 60 minutes in length.

Developed By GDIS, Inc.