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Tom Patire: America's Leading Personal Safety Expert

Tom Patire is America's foremost expert on personal safety. Dubbed America's Leading Personal Safety Expert ®, Tom has dedicated his life to educating people about personal security and self-protection. Through his comprehensive lecture series, motivational speaking, best-selling books and DVDs, and self-defense courses, Tom has trained thousands of ordinary people to empower themselves both physically and mentally, as they learn the safest and most effective methods of personal protection.

Family and Personal Safety Programs Including

  • Safety Tips for Women
  • Safety Tips For Men
  • Safety Tips For Parents
  • Safety Tips For Seniors
  • Safety Tips For Children
  • Safety Tips For Professionals

As an elite bodyguard to the world's VIPs and parent to a teenage son, Tom places great emphasis on keeping safe those around us, be they our families, children, or senior citizens. As a result, Tom has spoken at length and authored many materials promoting child safety, family safety, senior citizen safety, and general home security advice and public safety tips.

Tom Patire's Personal Safety Videos, Self Defense Books, and Media Appearances

In addition to his best-selling books, including Tom Patire's Personal Protection Handbook and his Tom's Tips DVD, Tom has been featured in a variety of television and print media discussing personal safety, such as The Rachel Ray Show, Montel, Colbert Report, Good Morning America, CBS Morning Show, and all of the major network and cable media outlets, as well as Family Circle, Redbook, Fortune Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and other mainstream publications. Tom was also nominated for an Emmy Award in Educational Programming for his well-received child safety program. A New Jersey resident, Tom Patire graduated from William Paterson University with a BA in Human Movements and Science.
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